Business Support

We Help Empower Your Business

The Cortez Retail Enhancement Association (CREA) meets the needs and interests of Cortez small business owners through a variety of opportunities, sponsorships and partnerships – from public facing programs, promotions and events, to behind-the-scenes resources that provide vital assistance to local businesses.



Retail Enhancement is Our Name

CREA is here to support your business at every stage, from startup to well-established company. We are invested in Cortez and the local community and in helping our businesses to thrive and grow.

Our goal is to help you reach your full potential as a small business, connecting local retail and services with customers and clients. Together, we can enhance the Cortez retail experience, drawing locals and tourists to a diverse and vibrant downtown business core. Explore the many ways CREA offers Business & Marketing Assistance.

Relocating to Cortez?

Are you thinking of relocating your business or family to Cortez?
The Montezuma Relocation Guide provides helpful information and resources.
You’ll be happy you made the move!