About CREA

CREA Equals Action

The Cortez Retail Enhancement Association (CREA) is a nonprofit corporation established in 1999 to assist in promoting retail opportunities in Cortez, Colorado.

Funded by local vendor fees, we support and promote Cortez businesses through customer-focused initiatives, business assistance, and events planning and promotion.

Some of our CREA-sponsored programs include:

CREA supports local educational programs, and our business and nonprofit partnerships further expand CREA’s reach within the community.

Explore our many initiatives, and business and event programs!

Mission Statement

To promote local businesses and increase retail sales revenues in the City of Cortez.

Vision Statement

We envision Cortez with a vibrant business core and community that is growing, diverse and successful.

Diversity Statement

CREA is committed to diversity, inclusivity and equality in all Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers,
Policies and Programs as well as all Business Support and Event Promotions.

CREA understands the need to lead and model diversity throughout our community, promoting a culture that respects inclusivity regardless of, but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, family status, religion, ethnicity, national origin, physical disability, veteran status, socio-economic station or age. We pledge to respect, create and maintain this throughout our organization as we believe that diversity enhances the vibrancy of our mission and local community.